3rd singles of T-Max

sejak ada film BBF gw jadi maniak semua tentang BBF
termasuk personilnya

nah, waktu awal BBF muncul, trus gw baca artikel tentang pemeran Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon), di situ di kasih tahu klo dia personil boyband baru, yaitu T-Max.

gw mau bahas dikit tentang personilnya



T-Max [티맥스]
Two Step Entertainment

Park Yoon Hwa [박윤화]
[date of birth]; January 31, 1986
[height/weight]; 175 cm / 52 kg
[bloodtype]; AB
[school]; Suwon University of Science
[hobby]; Playing computer games, collecting accessories
[specialty]; Computer programming, graphic design
+A contestant of , sponsored by Good Entertainment and M.Net

kim hyung joon
Kim Hyung Joon [김형준]
[date of birth]; February 3, 1985
[height/weight]; 183 cm / 65 kg
[bloodtype]; O
[school]; Hanguk University, chemistry major
[hobby]; Playing on-line games, basketball
[specialty]; Snowboarding, rapper
+appearance on M.Net KKot Mi Nam Teuk Gong Dae [꽃미남 특공대]
+appearance on MBC [PD수첩]

Shin Min Chul [신민철]
[date of birth]; February 5, 1982
[height/weight]; 178 cm / 63 kg
[bloodtype]; O
[school]; Otorohanga College, New Zealand
[hobby]; Taking weird pictures, Watching movies
[specialty]; Making accessories, Reforming clothes, Surfing
+, , OST featurings
+Featuring for

Random Facts;
+was an uhljjang.
+is always hungry.
+eats every 2 hours.
+is always tired.

+is different.
+loves to be on camera.
+talks a lot.
+has a unique fashion sense.
+has a finger puppet monkey named everererererere. (eh-ve-reh-reh-reh…..)
+first started leaving comments to t-max fans’ posts at the fan cafe.
+likes to leave comments on other members’ journal entries, often threatening them and revealing secrets.

+is surprisingly quiet off-camera.
+bit shin yuhsa’s everererererere.
+is at times even more.. different than minchul.
+can be found leaving weird comments to his fans’ posts.

+The first single
+T-MAX is consisted of three members: SHIN MIN CHUL(`83), KIM HYUNGJUN (`85), PARK YUNHWA (`86)
+The members have been training for at least two years.
+Many know T-MAX as the group who filmed themselves dancing to Arashi’s “Love So Sweet” and gave it as a gift to their producer.
+They’re not your typical, SJ, DBSK, SS501 pretty boys.

nah, yang nie daftar list lagu singles mereka

01. 널 사랑해 [TITLE] (Neol saranghae)
02. Lion Heart (Winter Romance ver.)
03. 널 사랑해 (Core Mix Ver.)
04. Blooming

gw juga mau kasih liad mv mereka

kasih pendapat kalian tentang ne boyband ya ^^

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