daftar ost. boys over flower

boys over flower
01. 파라다이스 – 티맥스 (T-Max) [TITLE]
02. 내 머리가 나빠서 – SS501
03. 알고 있나요 – 썸데이 (Someday)
04. Stand By Me – 샤이니 (SHINee)
05. Luck – Ashily
06. 별빛 눈물 – 김유경 (Kim Yoo Kyung)
07. 조금은 – 서진영 (Seo Jin Young)
08. One More Time – 나무자전거 (Namu jajeongeo / Tree Bicycles)
09. I Know (Saxophone inst.) (With 이정식 Lee Jung Shik) – 오준성 GreenCacao (Oh Jun Sung)
10. Dance With Me (inst.) – 오준성 GreenCacao (Oh Jun Sung)
11. Blue Flower (inst.) – 오준성 GreenCacao (Oh Jun Sung)
12. So sad (inst.) – 오준성 GreenCacao (Oh Jun Sung)
13. Opening Title (파라다이스 Intro) (With T-Max) – 티맥스 (T-Max)


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