New Flower Boy ‘Jung Eui Chul’ Re-Emerges in BOF

cakep bo~`

cakep bo~`

The F4 isn’t enough, another pretty boy appears?

Talent Jung Eui Chul (24) makes his move. Interest is mounting among viewers as Jung Eui Chul re-emerged during the end of the 10th Episode of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ broadcast on the 3rd.

Jung Eui Chul disappeared after playing the part of Lee Min Ha who was the victim of bullying by his friends in the first episode where he attempted suicide atop the roof of the school. However, playing 2 roles he has re-appeared beginning with episode 10 as Lee Min Ha’s twin brother, Lee Je Ha.

Lee Je Ha is a model however making a deal with Goo Jun Pyo’s mother he is able to conceal his existence in the school and will take the revenge on Goo Jun Pyo for his brother which is expected to create a very tense situation for viewers.

Meanwhile, the 10th Episode of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which featured Goo Jun Pyo & Geum Jan Di’s kiss recorded a rating of 30.5%, overtaking ‘East Of Eden’ to rank 1st place.



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