cowk gw neh hehehehhe

cowk gw neh hehehehhe

ya allah…
gw br denger ni berita tadi pagi..
di sms ma onni ninda..katanya lee junki dtg ke indo~~
ga sia sia gw bertapa supaya ada artis yang dtg ke indo =.=

jd menurut berita yg di tulis onni nurul di kbs, mengatakan:
Lee Jun Ki (27) with the player Kim sky (31) gives love and hope is futures grudge in the Indonesia Jakarta children.

Two people with the 11th day week schedule the cable channel tvN world [su] lungs [syel] with `love ‘ (LOVE) production positions `exorcisms which are an international relief organization four with the bus ‘ rides together in the Djakarta line airplane. To this program during that time type the monk tiger. The new present gave. This staff etc. participates and comes and two people star are outreach go the thing this time initially together.

With the Kim sky gives and the children takes care of the children together from the Djakarta actual place which crawls and makes a friendship pile up. Also two people about the counterpart informing a thought in narration, does. The early in March broadcasting plan.

credit to : sportsseoul + dana-crunchyroll fan club + JoonKi @ foolish-love + TVXQIndo

intinya Junki bakal dateng ke jakarta tanggal 11 februari XDD,
ini buat tv show yg akan tayang bulan maret 2009 .<
mas junki mampir ke pondok kelapa ya~~

klo ada yg tau berita lebih lanjut ksh tau gw ya


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  1. Posted by Ji Yul on 12 February 2009 at 7:43 pm

    iyah, tanggal 11 udah nyampe dy di airport~ XDD
    sumpah, cakep! lembut pula! XDD
    d yt udah ada fancamny btw. kalo2 mau liat.


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