Jang Nara in New Film “Sky and Sea”

Jang Nara in New Film “Sky and Sea”

Jang Nara in New Film “Sky and Sea”

“I only had several acting roles in the early days of my career but my onscreen image became so fixed I was perplexed. But now, I’m not. I don’t choose drama roles for the sake of changing my image. More important is the quality of the script and whether I am able to do it.”

Jang Nara (28 ) returns to the big screen in the film “Sky and Sea,” her first movie role since her last 2003 film “Oh! Happy Day.” In a press conference at an Apgujeong club Thursday, she was responding to a question on whether she was wary of an image transformation.

Jang shot to stardom upon her debut with her cute and jovial image. She is now 29 in Korean age but still maintains the same adorable look. She plays a pure-hearted 23 year old in the new movie “Sky and Sea.”

“I turn 30 next year. I needed makeup to look younger in the film. Looking at my made-up appearance in the mirror was embarrassing (laugh). I think staying young at heart is most important. Staying away from excessive dieting is also a key to looking young.”


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